2nd Tech Triangle Tweetup

The 2nd TechTriangleTweetup for folks within reasonable range of K-W/Cambridge/Guelph will be held during the last week of January, 2009.

The date will be selected by popular vote here: ScheduleOnce (voting closes Friday, January 16th at midnight)

Update: We had 18 people respond at ScheduleOnce. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a day that all could attend, but Wednesday, Jan 28th was the most popular with 15 able to come that day. See you then!

Time: Anytime between 5 and late. ;)

The venue has yet to be determined. Make your suggestions in the comments on this post.
Update: I was thinking Moose Winooski’s at Sportsworld in Kitchener since it’s fairly easy for everyone to get to – including the transit-riders.

Hashtag: #techtriangle

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(this link seems to break Twitter, what did I do wrong?) Nevermind, it seems Twitter had an unrelated seizure the first time I tested.

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3 Responses to “2nd Tech Triangle Tweetup”

  1. But is the beer any good at Moose Winooski’s?

  2. Jesse, my guess is no… I’m open to suggestions…

  3. I’m in next time if I can make it. Let me know!