A Live Webcast to Discuss the Canadian Political ‘Crisis’

As I’m sure you know, we’re witnessing an historic time Canadian politics – and if you know me at all, you know that there’s nothing I love more than political drama – especially if it involves the constitution!

Over the last day or so, I’ve been asked by several people to explain just what the heck is going on up in Ottawa. So far I haven’t been able to explain it well enough in emails and Facebook messages so I thought I’d host a little webTV show to talk about the vote of no confidence and the proposed coalition government.

I invite you to join me right here on Thursday, December 4th at 9pm to discuss the political situation and get a better understanding of just what’s going on. You can ask questions through the chat window that appears either to the right of or below the viewer, depending on where you’re watching this channel. Think of it as a ‘type-in’ show rather than a call-in show.

If you think you can help me explain what’s going on, and you have a webcam, send me an email to request an invite. liveweb@colincarmichael.ca

You can tune in to the live web broadcast in two places:



I hope you’ll join me Thursday night. See you then.


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