– Please Help Me!

As you can see on my main page, I’m having a little difficulty with the AddThis plugin for WordPress… I’ve sent multiple requests for support to AddThis and have received no response… Sigh.

Maybe one of my readers can help me?

The issue:

The plugin has no options functionality and the button just appears automagically. The problem is that it appears when on calls to the_content() as well as the_excerpt()… on very short posts, this means that the addthis code is added, but then stripped (poorly) by WP’s excerpt process…

The solution:

Only fire the plugin calls are made to the_content() and not the_excerpt(). I think, however, that WordPress’ plugin hook doesn’t distinguish between them. Am I out of luck here?

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2 Responses to “ – Please Help Me!”

  1. Mike Scott says:

    I’m not sure if it is really what you are looking for, but I scrapped the plug-in and started using the code instead. This way I can control better where the buttons appear.

  2. Yeah, I may just have to do that…