Beautiful Decay

Michigan Central Station - Marchand and Meffre Photography

Michigan Central Station - Marchand and Meffre Photography

I have no idea why I’m subscribed to the RSS feed… I’m sure I had a reason. But when these photos popped into Google Reader this morning, I was awestruck. Dumbfounded. Speechless.

As a guy with strong ties to Michigan, I have a soft spot for Detroit. I think it may be one of the most interesting cities I’ve experienced – but folks rarely get past the “Motor City” moniker to see the beauty of Detroit.

This collection of photos by Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre capture an unusual beauty – the beauty of decay. It is not really beautiful, of course, but heart-breaking to see these architectural masterpieces crumbling. Michigan Central Station has always intrigued me as it is plainly visible from the interstate feeding the Ambassador Bridge and I have stared at its broken windows many times over the years wondering what would become of it.

Marchand and Meffre’s photographs make me a little sad – but I’m glad that they’ve been able to create some beautiful art from such miserable circumstances.

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5 Responses to “Beautiful Decay”

  1. James Deane says:

    Looking through their photo set, I’m reminded of one of last year’s best games; Fallout 3. Detroit could make some money leasing these locations to film studios “as is” for post-apocalyptic films.

  2. @James Deane: that’s a great point – and I know Detroit (and Michigan) has been trying to foster it’s own movie industry.

  3. Sarah says:

    Whoa – some of those pics look like pics of abandonned war zones. Very powerful.

  4. I’ve been mesmerized by these pictures since I saw them last year. Stunning and Brilliant. Thanks for posting them.

  5. Arminta says:

    I’m disgusted by the books on the Library shelves and the piano turned on it’s side!!