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Several of us met on Monday night to chat about coworking in Galt. and it was a fantastic discussion that covered all kinds of ground. This wasn’t a formal meeting of any kind, but several points of view were expressed, concerns raised, questions answered and points clarified. In a word, it was great.

We realized that we have several options going forward – only one of which is setting up an NPO from scratch and going it alone. In order to properly move ahead – and fairly assess the options – it was decided that the most prudent next step was to identify clearly (and succinctly) what we mean when we say we want a coworking space in Galt – a definition.

We set an aggressive deadline of January 4th to have the definition completed. We will use the same Google DOc we used for brainstorming to keep things together:

So have at it!

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One Response to “CoWorking in Galt – Next Steps”

  1. Natasha says:

    Hello Colin!

    So it appears this over 2 year old post might be stopped here? I am looking into opening a coworking spot in Galt, and low and behold have found these postings!

    The google doc is mighty impressive – wondering what ended up happening with it all?

    I would love to have a conversation about this.. if you are still in the city or interested. Let me know if you want to chat through email, or perhaps schedule a time to meet!