Detroit Tweetup Recap

Social Media Alive & Well in Metro Detroit!

There are some great things happening in social media in Metro Detroit. If there was one clear lesson from last night’s gathering of Twitterati from the Metro area, it’s that SF, Boston, Austin & Toronto are NOT the only social media hotspots.

There were some very smart and very enthusiastic people around that table last night – good things are on the way from the Motor City.

A roundup of who was there:

And a plug just for Eric:

Who am I missing?

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7 Responses to “Detroit Tweetup Recap”

  1. Nikki says:

    You missed me! @estrellabella10

  2. Nikki, you’re there – second from the bottom… (the list is in no particular order, of course!)

  3. Eric Cedo says:

    you missed @dianegeiger @ashleymariea and well by default @milifemitimes

  4. Thanks, Eric. I’ve updated above.

  5. […] on the time of day, I suppose. That analogy was driven home for me last week when several local Twitterers gathered in a bar in downtown Detroit for a Tweetup. What did we do there? Mostly we did what we do on Twitter – […]

  6. Jeff O'Connor says:

    I’m sorry that I missed this. When is the next one? Is there a Web site or Facebook group? Also, are you involved with GLUE at all?

  7. Hi Jeff! There’s no schedule for these per se… the consensus last week was that monthly seemed like a good target, so look for one in early June. There’s no specific website, so I guess you’ll just have to subscribe to my RSS feed… ;)