Did the Web Save a Magazine?

business 2.0 magazine Valleywag is reporting that Time Inc. has granted a “stay of execution” to the troubled but popular magazine that has attracted over 2000 supporters to my little Facebook group.

Business 2.0 Magazine is certainly not out of the woods yet as the reprieve is intended only to keep the magazine operating while Time assesses the many suitors that have come calling looking to buy the magazine.

It is difficult to know how much of an impact our little Facebook group had in this turn of events. The group was never intended to be an emotional appeal to save the magazine – rather, a window into the magazine’s most loyal and influential readers and subscribers. I can only assume that it had some effect on those potential buyers though I can’t take credit, obviously, for the buyers themselves. According to the original NYT article, Editor-in-Chief Josh Quittner had already been out actively shopping the magazine around.

It will be interesting indeed to watch as this story unfolds further… Who will buy it? Will it change? Can someone else do better?

UPDATE: I’ve spoken with Business 2.0 EIC Josh Quittner who would only say:

We’re currently working on the October issue. As far as I know, we’ll be publishing it.

Best news I’ve had all week. :)

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  1. […] My earlier post about the ’stay of execution’ for Business 2.0 magazine sounds awfully pessimistic now that my co-conspirator Sebastien has just posted a rather more optimistic view of the saga surrounding the magazine and the Facebook group that may have saved it: Did social media give Business 2.0 a reprieve? I believe so. I think social media (in this case Facebook, blogging and Techmeme) played an important role as an amplifier (see my chronology of events here). Thanks to everyone who joined the Facebook group and posted comments in the Wall. Thanks to every blogger and journalist out there who relayed the news. Without you, Business 2.0 would not be publishing its October issue. Thanks again!!! […]