Easy as Riding a Bike? Yeah, right…

I tried twice this summer to teach my almost 6-year-old to ride her new bike without training wheels. Both outings were epic failures leaving both of tired and frustrated.

Imagine my envy when I came across this little story from one my favourite parenting bloggers…

..at the tender age of three years and 10 months, he just learned how to ride his bike without training wheels.

I’m super proud of him, but actually, I can’t really take any credit for teaching him.

The only person who taught Nico is Nico. Seriously. Other than that last twenty minutes or so this morning, when my oldest son Marco and I repeatedly yelled, “Pedal!!!” and “Keep moving!!!”, no one taught Nico any bike riding skills.

via How I Didn’t Teach My Three-Year-Old Son to Ride His Bike Without Training Wheels | Playborhood.

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One Response to “Easy as Riding a Bike? Yeah, right…”

  1. Tammy Q says:

    Both of our older girls have been ‘late’ 2 wheel riders…both after they turned 6. We found our most success was in taking them somewhere paved without sidewalks – e.g. school parking lot…it made a BIG difference! I am always amazed to see these wee ones pedalling around with no training wheels. It is certainly an accomplishment they are VERY proud of once they master it!