First Church of Facebook at PodCampToronto?

Update: This session is now scheduled for 1:15 on Saturday February 20th in room 201

I’ve added myself to the growing list of suggested sessions at PodCampToronto 2009, to be held February 21 & 22, 2009 at Ryerson University.

I’m offering to hold a session called “First Church of Facebook: an exploration of Faith and Social Media.” We will talk about how churches and para-church organizations are (or could be) using social media to engage their existing communities of faith – and to bring their message to a wider audience. We’ll also talk about the social media adoption hurdles for churches and how they’re different from the private, public, and non-profit sectors.

These are things I’ve been thinking about quite a bit over the last few months as I’ve settled into my new responsibilities heading up the Communications Office at The Presbyterian Church in Canada. I’m looking forward to an opportunity to share my thoughts, and find out what others think.

If you’re planning to attend PodCampToronto and you have any experience with churches and social media, I’d be happy to co-present – get in touch!

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4 Responses to “First Church of Facebook at PodCampToronto?”

  1. Hi Colin. What a great idea for a podcamp session. I’m one of the organizers for Podcamp Toronto and I have a blog and podcast called The Catholic New Media Roundup. I would be thrilled to participate or co-present a session on the topic of faith and New Media.

  2. Hey Sean, it would be my pleasure to co-present with you. Let’s connect in mid-January and figure out the logistics.

  3. Heather says:

    Hey Colin, I would be happy to co-present with you and Sean (if 3’s not a crowd ;) I can share my success with as a case study, and I have worked with another non-profit in social media marketing as well.
    – Heather

  4. cyndi ingle says:

    as the director of editorial projects for a spirituality site and someone who is useing fb, myspace and twitter to market our site, i’m looking forward to learning from everyone!