First Double-Header

So last night (Monday) was my first hockey double-header. Every monday for the winter hockey season I’ll be playing at 6:30 in the office pickup game and then again at either 10:00 or 10:30 in my new favourite rec league, Warren Hockey.

I had anticipated the the office game would be pretty slow and low-intensity since many of the players hadn’t played in several years. Wow, did I underestimate these guys. John, in particular, impressed me – this was a guy who needed coaching in the dressing room to get his equipment on right, yet once on the ice made smart play after smart play. The play overall was a little disjointed as far as positional play goes, but, hey, we’re just out there to have fun – which I did.

Game 2 was phenomenal! It was easily the best game of my rec ‘career’. Playing D on a team that has so many skill players is just simply a ton of fun. Especially when the opposing team is so cocky that they think they can skate into the zone without consequences. My defensive partner and I broke up play after play – I think I was grinning the whole time. In the end, it was a draw at 2, but the chances were clearly in our favour. This game brings our season record to 1-1-1 (apparently we won a game while I was in LA last week), which is nice, since I’ve never actually been on a team where the L column is not the highest number.

My goal next week is to take less injuries during the warm-ups – 1 elbow to the jaw and 1 puck to the head this week alone!


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