Google: Our Customers Hate Our Product

The official Google AdSense blog announced yesterday that they’d discovered what was preventing a number of their customers from successfully signing into their service using Firefox… Turns out a little add-on called AdBlock Plus was interfering with the login page. Did you catch that? A significant number of AdSense customers use ad blocking software. That in itself is not terribly surprising. What is surprising, and a little foolish I think, is AdSense announcing it to the world.

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One Response to “Google: Our Customers Hate Our Product”

  1. Harel B says:

    You are either confused or not very honest: the ad blocking software seems to be for folks who hate unrelated, irrelevant loud ads (you know, “smack the monkey with the bannana to get a great home loan” on an unrelated website) which are very different from the mostly toned down and almost always relevant google ads.

    Of course even if you had software which blocked nothing but Google’ adsense, the press release by Google would merely have meant that *some* of its customers (maybe only 2% for all we know) feel that way, not most of its adsense customers, as the lack of modifier in your eyeball grabing subject implicitly suggests..