Graduate-level Communications studies

I was recently asked if I knew which (if any) of Ontario’s graduate-level communcations/media programs had embraced the concepts of social media. I don’t know the answer to that question, so I’ll crowd-source it.

What graduate-level communications/pr/media programs would you recommend to anyone particularly interested in social media?

The original question pertained to Ontario’s programs, but it would be great to hear about programs from farther afield a well!

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One Response to “Graduate-level Communications studies”

  1. In my own personal experience and in my network, I would say that Centennial College’s Corporate Communications program is a good one for those interested in social media. The outgoing coordinator Gary Schlee was very involved in the Toronto social media scene. I am a graduate of Niagara College (gotta get a plug in) but most of the social media based knowledge I have is from my own experience.