Granular Facebook Privacy Settings – FINALLY!

Anyone who’s chatted with me about Facebook in the last several months or so knows that my biggest pet peeve about the social network is that you’ve only been able put your friends into one of two buckets of profile privacy settings – “Limited Profile” or, well, not limited profile.

Nick O’Neill ( and Justin Smith ( are reporting today that Facebook is FINALLY rolling out customizable profile privacy settings.

I had assumed that when this feature appeared, that it would be tied to the “Friend List” feature rolled out a few months ago. Apparently, though, you will be able to set specific privacy settings for each friend and will be prompted to do so during the friend confirmation process. I guess that means I have to all of my existing friends one-by-one and make sure the privacy settings appropriate. Sigh.

Go read Nick and Justin’s reports for all the details.

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