I Got Your News Fix Right Here: LiveNewsCameras.com

LNC I am absolutely enamored with livenewscameras.com.  This newish site – started a few weeks ago by a Steve Baron of Fox News Chicago – gives you single-page access to newscasts from around the country.  On an important political night like tonight, this is extremely valuable. How else, for example, would I know that Hilary was being interviewed right now on a local Dallas Fox affiliate?

One of the most interesting things about LiveNewsCameras is that it is hosted (or moderated, as they call it) by a human… a real person… live! In the upper right corner is a second streaming window from which a NewsJockey (NJ) keeps you up-to-speed on what’s happening on the various feeds.

Even cooler than that, however, is the site’s use of Twitter. Underneath the moderator is the site’s Twitter feed. Ostensibly, the purpose is to alert viewers (and Twitter followers who may not be actually watching) of breaking news  on the various feeds. BUT, as I found out accidentally, the feed also includes Twitter replies! The potential here for a truly social experience is HUGE! I’ve already experienced social news-watching through the usual channels, but imagine if LiveNewsCameras’ Twitter panel was filled with viewer tips and commentary!

I’ll be watching very closely to see how this site evolves over the next several weeks – I’ve already sent them some of my initial thoughts and I encourage you to do the same. info@livenewscameras.com

[credit to Dave Winer for pointing to LiveNewsCameras.com via Twitter]

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