Is Gordon Brown as brilliant as he seems?

I’m watching a very recent TEDtalk (that will appear in a future TEDtuesday) where Chris Anderson interviews British Prime Minister Gordon Brown about global ethics and global citizenship.

All I can say is WOW. If this guy is serious and isn’t just blowing TEDsmoke, he’s an outright revolutionary…

Is this the real Gordon Brown? Is he as much a revolutionary world leader as this interview suggests?


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4 Responses to “Is Gordon Brown as brilliant as he seems?”

  1. phil says:

    gordon brown is a brain dead moron who got where he is by sleaze, backstabbing, smear
    campaigns,bullying,dishonesty,hypocrisy and all the other nastiness associated with communist/socialist/stalinist dogma. in other words, the usual ‘new labour’ way of misleading both parliament and the british people, while they drag the country into the abyss.

  2. C’mon Phil, tell us how you REALLY feel! ;)

  3. Would be good to get some comment on what was being said by the Prime Minister of England albeit Phil… regardless of what moronic politician occupies the role or space currently.

    I must admit I am provoked to more thought than hate whilst listening to this specific encounter: dogma or socialism what ever it may be.

    fore & yet i too am constantly weighed upon to understand “how to persuade people that being more responsible and taking greater responsibility for their role on this planet is in their own interests” so to speak / quote him.

    We can name call all day long, but no amount of it is going to change our leaders. Articulating policy dictum for them before they hire consultants on our dimes and leading by example are some of the ways we’ll change our leaders as the career politicians that most of them have become.

    bottom line, no corporation or association of corporations is going to do a Gaul darn thang to help this planet sustain it self unless it is in the shareholders usually $$ interests.

    Only the people working together is going to have a lick of change or effect on moulding our behaviour patterns into that of more ethically responsible or productive contributors to a sustained planet.

    NO only by means of social and collaborative interaction shall we the people as THEE controllers of the government have a chance at articulating policy that lifts up the lowest of the low in society with an equal opportunity to gain success and subsistence as a human.

  4. Certainly one thing I give Gordon Brown credit for is his strong stance at the Copenhagen talks – he came out swinging madly.. as did many EU leaders. Only Ban Ki Moon upstaged him I thought with the accurate comment that ‘nature will not negotiate with us…’