Malawi: Day Four

20120424-DSC_3813Tuesday: Half of our group went to Chichiri Prison to participate in a bible study for inmates run by our own Rev. Mike Burns. No cameras were allowed at the prison, so that outing is not represented here.

The other half of the group went with Debbie Burns to visit the homes of some of the members of the Tidzalerana Club in the Ndirande neighbourhood of Blantyre. We were accompanied by Hamilton Banda, a local community leader and volunteer. The group reunited at the Tidzalerana Shelter where some of the most vulnerable Club members live.

Back to Annie’s for lunch, Ted and I snuck up the road to check out St. Andrew’s International High School where my grandmother taught and my mom attended back in the sixties.

20120424-DSC_4114In the afternoon it was back to Ndirande to visit the regular Tidzalerana Club program for diabled adults and children. Here the club members and there caregivers come together every Tuesday for worship, a meal and fellowship.

At the end of a long day, the group gathered after dinner for a time of devotion and reflection on our first real day of witnessing the struggles facing the people of Malawi.

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