More legal crap…

So Mr. Chand decided to finally email me afterall. Welcome to the 21st century – phone calls are so last year. So, as I predicted, he wanted me to just hand over the name and phone number of whoever told me about the gas fireplace rumour.

If he thinks I’m going to simply start throwing names and phone numbers at any lawyer who happens to call up, he’s mistaken. Of course, that’s assuming I even remember who told me what – which I don’t. I don’t even remember who, of all the people I know in VKH, I spoke to.


As I sit here blogging on my luch break, I get an email from a David Debenham, presumably Mr. Chand’s boss. He basically wants me to play nice with Mr. Chand, which I think I have. I wonder what would happen if I just started ignoring them… maybe they’ll go away.

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One Response to “More legal crap…”

  1. carmidale says:

    play nice? like you owe them something?

    h-e-a-r-s-a-y… it amazes me that guys with such legal credentials and experience don’t understand that concept!

    even if you had a name, why would you subject anyone to this annoyingness? (yes, new word)