– a great WordPress example (WP Wednesday)

wordpress-logo-stacked-150Welcome to WordPress Wednesdays where I will be highlighting some fantastic WordPress installations, passing on important news, and generally gushing about the best web publishing platform on the planet. :)

I wanted to give the folks behind a nod for one of the finest institutional WordPress installs I’ve seen.


While I’m not a fan of the drop-down menus on the main navbar, everything else is very well executed. The site is clearly the centre of a well thought-out social media strategy that includes every available media type and platform. The church and non-profit communities would do well to learn from this example.

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2 Responses to “ – a great WordPress example (WP Wednesday)”

  1. Colin,

    That is a really great implementation of WordPress. I like how the background will probably change with the different seasons.

    Nice to find somebody else who isn’t a big fan of drop-down menus. ;) They did use suckerfish, though, so at least it was done the right way.

  2. @Trevor: Agreed about the menus done right. If I was scoring the site, it certainly wouldn’t lose any points… I just don’t like ’em. ;)