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HARO Puts AT&T Between A Rock and a Hard Place

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

Did Peter Shankman make life difficult for AT&T yesterday?

In yesterday’s afternoon mailout from HARO, Peter Shankman took the time to introduce his 20,000+ subscribers to his new assistant Meagan.  In a post script, he lamented that AT&T wanted to charge her $450 to upgrade to the Blackberry Curve Shankman wants her to use. He asked if anyone at AT&T (or a PR agency) could help him out.

PS: Anyone on HARO work for AT&T or do their PR? I went to upgrade Meagan a Blackberry Curve today, and they wouldn’t give her an upgrade price on her phone, they wanted to charge her $450. Um, no.

I’ll move her to Verizon first. Anyone?

This puts AT&T in a bit of a pickle – they can give Meagan the lower upgrade price, knowing that Shankman is likely to publicly thank them for it which has the potential to ignite a flurry of similar requests from people among the 20,000 subscribers who think they deserve it.

Or, they can tell Shankman that rules are rules and hope he doesn’t switch to Verizon (as threatened) and talk publicly about that.

So, readers, what do you do?

Personally, I think that if Shankman can afford an assistant, he can afford $450 for a phone – just like everyone else.