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Social Networking and Politics 2.0

Monday, April 14th, 2008

In the video below, Democratic Presidential front-runner Barack Obama talks about social networking and its impact on his campaign at a private function in Silicon Valley. In particular, he mentions the ability to create organizations in Idaho and Kansas throught the online social nets before the campaign apparatus was involved. He also muses that these technology-enabled grass-roots movements have reduced the impact of high-profile endorsements and dogmatic special interest groups.

Most interesting, however, was his mention the potential to apply “these same principles” to government.

More details about the event at

(via Geoff Livingston)

Meddling with US Presidential Politics (from Canada)

Monday, February 4th, 2008

During The Commute this morning I made reference to the fact that I was running political ads on Facebook that drove traffic to the "Yes, We Can" video (embedded below). After spending about thirty bucks, I’ve now turned them off and thought I’d share some of the data with you.



I ran a total of 5 different ad variations – with the final two running simultaneously for the bulk of it.  These two ads were identical with one targeted to New York and New Jersey (Clinton’s neighbourhood) and the other targeted to the rest of the Super Tuesday states. The 5 ads garnered just over 100,000 impressions and 59 clicks. Conversion rate works out to 0.06 with a 0.51 CPC and 0.28 CPM.  Notably (perhaps) the CTR was lower in the Clinton states.

I invite you to draw your own conclusions in the comments.

As promised, here’s the video that has the potential to change the world: