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Post-Illness Silliness

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

I’ve spent the last two days sicker than I think I’ve ever been… seriously, it was brutal.

So today when I finally got back to working mode (ie: vertical) I had 900 unread items in my feedreader. 200 disappeared instanteously when a few border-line subscriptions finally got tossed. Of course, sixty-percent of the rest of those un-read items were April Fool’s related bogus posts – which I normally enjoy every year. This year, however, trying to catch up with 2 days of reading while wading through the Fool-ish stuff just about killed me. Thankfully, near the end of the day, this video appeared in my reader courtesy of Marc Andreessen.

I’m not familiar with Tom Gleeson, but the “talking back to the music video” format is brilliant…


Jon Stewart for President

Friday, October 13th, 2006

An new movie comes out today called Man of the Year starring Robin Williams as a talk show comedian who runs for President – successfully. There is speculation that the film is based on the calls for talk show comedian Jon Stewart, of the Daily Show, to run for President. Stewart is widely regarded as the smartest (and funniest) political comedian in the business and I think I could actually support the notion of him running for the White House.

The reason is not because he’s funny – though that would be refreshing! The reason is that he’s smart – very smart. And can be very serious. In his first broadcast following 9/11, Jon replaced his comedic monologue with a passionate 8-minute commentary on the events of that day – his first State of the Union.

Would you vote for this guy? I would.


UPDATE: Apparently YouTube has been “asked to remove all Daily Show, Colbert Report, and South Park video clips from the site due to copyright infringement, and obliged. ” via Google Blogscoped