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Malawi: Days Eight and Nine

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

The weekend in the middle of our trip was a “home visit” weekend. This meant that each member of the group was paired with a member of one of the CCAP churches in the City of Blantyre Presbytery. Most of the team were extremely nervous about this experience – but the anxiety had very little to do with being Malawi. Most just didn’t feel comfortable staying with strangers.

20120428-DSC_494520120428-DSC_507320120428-DSC_5095After being picked up by our host families on Friday evening, the group gathered together again on Saturday morning to participate in an orphan-feeding program at one of the churches. Most of the host families joined us as we prepared nsima and “all the fixins” for about 165 children.

Saturday afternoon was spent with our host families and/or churches. Arminta and I were lucky enough to be staying together with a host family from Michiru CCAP. Stephen and Annie Kamwendo were great hosts and we had lots to talk about and share with one another. The most shocking moment came when we realized that while my grandfather was teaching at Blantyre Secondary School (BSS) from 1965 to 1967, Stephen was a student attending nearby HHI (H. Henderson Institute). Due to Stephen’s involvement on the football team, he was at BSS quite often – and knew my grandfather. Let me say that one more time. The husband of our host family knew my grandfather 45 years ago. Amazing.

Back to Saturday afternoon – after a very nice lunch a local Italian restaurant, we were taken on a tour of the neighbourhood around Michiru CCAP by the Session clerk. We saw the primary school that the church is building and then the church itself.