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2nd Tech Triangle Tweetup

Friday, January 16th, 2009

The 2nd TechTriangleTweetup for folks within reasonable range of K-W/Cambridge/Guelph will be held during the last week of January, 2009.

The date will be selected by popular vote here: ScheduleOnce (voting closes Friday, January 16th at midnight)

Update: We had 18 people respond at ScheduleOnce. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a day that all could attend, but Wednesday, Jan 28th was the most popular with 15 able to come that day. See you then!

Time: Anytime between 5 and late. ;)

The venue has yet to be determined. Make your suggestions in the comments on this post.
Update: I was thinking Moose Winooski’s at Sportsworld in Kitchener since it’s fairly easy for everyone to get to – including the transit-riders.

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(this link seems to break Twitter, what did I do wrong?) Nevermind, it seems Twitter had an unrelated seizure the first time I tested.