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More legal crap…

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007

So Mr. Chand decided to finally email me afterall. Welcome to the 21st century – phone calls are so last year. So, as I predicted, he wanted me to just hand over the name and phone number of whoever told me about the gas fireplace rumour.

If he thinks I’m going to simply start throwing names and phone numbers at any lawyer who happens to call up, he’s mistaken. Of course, that’s assuming I even remember who told me what – which I don’t. I don’t even remember who, of all the people I know in VKH, I spoke to.


As I sit here blogging on my luch break, I get an email from a David Debenham, presumably Mr. Chand’s boss. He basically wants me to play nice with Mr. Chand, which I think I have. I wonder what would happen if I just started ignoring them… maybe they’ll go away.

Lawyer update…

Monday, January 22nd, 2007

Just thought I’d update all three of my loyal readers on the legal silliness I’ve been sucked into.  Sunday evening, I sent a polite email to Mr. Chand explaining that I wasn’t interested in being involved in any legal disputes related to the explosion and declined his request for an interview.  This morning, he called my office twice.  This is clearly not a work-related issue so I declined to answer, letting the voicemail catch it, with the intent of returning his call this evening from home.  Except that he didn’t leave any messages – so I don’t know what he wanted. Saves me the long-distance charges to Ottawa.  By the way, did I mention that this guy called me on a Sunday afternoon? When will telemarketers and lawyers figure out that annoying the person on the other end of the phone is not a way to foster cooperation?

Mr. Chand’s persistance, while annoying, leads to other questions…  Specifically, the only thing his client could be concerned about was my reporting of the rumour that “the owner of the house that blew up had a gas fireplace installed on the weekend”… Apparently this is a fairly well-known, but unconfirmed, rumour on the Hill.  So why all the trouble to track me down over it?  Methinks he doth protest too much.

Stay tuned.

So a house blew up in my home town!

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006

Seriously, in my sleepy little home-town of Vankleek Hill, a guy’s house exploded and took two (possibly three) others with it! There are lots of news links here but all the really good pictures are here at The Review.

VKH Explosion

My childhood home is less than 200 metres from the house. My Dad and step-Mom still live there, but no-one was home at the time. There actually wasn’t any damage to Dad’s house, but the house next door had their garage door blown in, and the house across the street lost a big picture window. According to my sources, the owner of the house that blew up had a gas fireplace installed on the weekend — my guess is that this’ll end in a court room. [ Update: the legal antics begin…]

It’s truly amazing that no-one was hurt (besides the guy who’s fridge fell on him). Apparently most in the neighbourhood are still not back in their homes. My Dad was back in time for dinner, but only because he doesn’t have natural gas. When the Enbridge guys came to inspect the house to make sure it was safe, they said “You don’t have gas? Really?” followed by the unbelievable “You want it?”.

We’re in the news!

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006

Hey! My hometown got a mention on!