The Power of Social Networks

A very cool thing happened yesterday – I made an introduction that would have been nearly impossible just a few years ago.

I ‘met’ Kim Cross last week on Facebook kind of randomly, but related to my Business 2.0 group. She noticed that I’m blogging about web strategy and had a few questions relating to a new job she was starting as online editor of a national magazine.

I ‘friended’ Jeremiah Owyang last week because he told me to on his blog – he’s one of a few that are experimenting with Facebook as an open(ish) networking/content-distribution platform. He’s also a web strategy blogger and has been at it much longer than I have.

So when Kim threw a couple questions at me, I answered them in my shoot-from-the-hip-with-no-evidence-to-back-me-up way. It occurred to me, though, that Jeremiah might have some ‘hard’ resources he could point to – and some thoughts of his own.

So I sent a message to the two of them (a relatively new messaging feature on FB). I did a quick intro and left it to them.

Jeremiah came through in spades and he blogged his response. Thanks Jeremiah!

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3 Responses to “The Power of Social Networks”

  1. Kim Cross says:

    I’ve been marveling at the power of social networks ever since our accidental befriending. I was one of the first reporters for Business 2.0, so when I heard about the Facebook group, “I read Business 2.0 and don’t want to stop,” I joined the network just to be a part of it.

    Ever since then, I’ve watched in awe as my network has taken on a life of its own. I expected to get back in touch with a few old friends, sure. But I never expected to engage in an organic (if that’s the right word) dialogue with other tech professionals.

    Not long ago I was lamenting that Google isn’t as effective as it once was for searching out information. But now it seems Web 2.0 is pushing me relevant information, instead of my having to go out and hunt it down. I learned more from Jeremiah’s blog than I would have if I’d spent an hour doing online research. (I recommend checking it out.)

    Thanks, Colin, for the introduction.

  2. Social Networks are great. You never know who you will meet or what the impact may have on you or your business. It is amazing to see how much the Internet has evolved over the years.