Working alone, together.

Not an ideal working environment...

Not an ideal working environment…

Guess where I spent most of my day today? The public library. Why? Well, long story short, the weather made commuting to the office a silly thing to attempt so I was stuck in town with nowhere to work.

I essentially have three options in this situation: 1) work from home, 2) work from a cafe, 3) work from the library

The first option is really not an option since there are 4 pre-schoolers there and no “home office”. Option #2 is my usual habit – but you can only drink so much overpriced coffee in a day. So today was #3 – no pressure to leave , but still less than ideal.

The biggest problem with each of these options (even #1) is isolation. Humans are social creatures and require social interaction, within the context of their work, to be creative.

So what to do? I’ve been intrigued by the concept of coworking for some time. The idea of being able to work on my own but in an office full of people I know is very attractive!

I have this feeling that we’re reaching a critical mass in Cambridge that could support some kind of cooperative working environment. In talking with a few folks today and yesterday, I’m sure I’m not alone in that belief.

So let’s do it. Let’s incorporate a non-profit to create a cooperative working space for professionals in Cambridge that need a place to hang their hat from 9 to 5 but have no use for a full office of their own.

Who’s with me?

UPDATE: a few of us are throwing around ideas on Twitter. Use the #galtcowork hashtag to particpate!

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6 Responses to “Working alone, together.”

  1. hey Colin, I think your on to something, and I think over the holidays we aught to giddy up with some ground work on Policy to govern the collaborators and things like, “who’s taking out the garbage” etc.. you know the details of life that we all should know what to do but forget if there is no clear direction. ;)

  2. Joseph Fung says:

    Colin, there’s a few of us trying to open one in early 2010 in K/W. Drop me a line if you’re interested in participating.

  3. jamEs says:

    I love the idea. I think it would definitely be something could use. Cambridge’s geek and entrepreneurial culture really seems to be lagging behind Waterloo and Guelph, so it seems about time we get something going.

  4. Jeff Bentley says:

    We have a decent co-working space here in Guelph, if you don’t mind a short drive.

  5. @Erich Agreed, let’s put our heads together over the holidays.

    @Joseph yes, Jesse mentioned that (I assume it’s the same project) – I will be picking your brains sometime soon.

    @Jeff 10Carden looks fantastic – just about exactly what I had in mind. Do you know the folk behind GCL? Could you do an intro?

  6. Updated the post: a few of us are throwing around ideas on Twitter. Use the #galtcowork hashtag to particpate!