A Tweetup for Canada’s Technology Triangle

I’m calling a Tweetup for the Kitchener-Waterloo/Cambridge/Guelph area – otherwise known as Canada’s Technology Triangle.  If you’re on Twitter (or curious) and live in or near the Triangle please join us!

The venue is the Duke & Duchess Pub in north-east Cambridge at Hwy 401 and Townline Rd. Someone might want to bring along a proper website for the D&D!

The date has not yet been set. Please visit ScheduleOnce to let me know which dates you would be available. The date with the most people available wins.

Update: The date has been set. December 9th

See you there!

Update: Apparently Guelph is not officially part of the Technology Triangle – rest assured you are still invited. @designmeme has suggested forming Canada’s Technology Rhombus… we can discuss at the Tweetup. ;)

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7 Responses to “A Tweetup for Canada’s Technology Triangle”

  1. Looking forward to it Colin — thanks for arranging it! :)

  2. May want to create an event on upcoming.yahoo.ca to track attendees? FB?

  3. um, actually upcoming.yahoo.com not .ca sorry

  4. I thought of that Mario, but I don’t really need to know who’s coming… and I’ve never found those RSVPs to be very reliable anyway.

  5. Unless I am reading this notice too fast, I don’t see what time it starts and runs until on Dec. 9th ?

  6. Sean Yo says:

    According to the Schedule Once link the start time is 6pm. Is that right Colin?

  7. For those asking about the time, the reservation is for 5:30pm, but I’ll be there around 4 catching up on work.