A Walk at RARE

20120727_CRC4912We who live in Cambridge are blessed with many natural environments within the city boundaries. Friday we decided at the last minute to drive over to the RARE Charitable Research Reserve.

Luckily, I brought my camera and got some shots of two families – mine, of course, and the family of ospreys that live at the reserve.

RARE is a pretty amazing place – 900 acres of protected land and TON of research projects. A quick look at the projects page reveals things like “Floral interactions and the role of pollination-niche traits in the assembly of spring ephemeral communities”, “Does shear stress determine suitable habitat for juvenile freshwater mussels?”, and “Metacommunity dynamics and community assembly of restored tallgrass prairie.” Clearly not just a walk in the park!

I’ve selected a few photos to share below and the full set can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/carmichaels/sets/72157630793135294/





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One Response to “A Walk at RARE”

  1. Gordon Cowan says:

    You have produced an extensive collection of high quality photographs on you website. The pictures are very colourful and show attention to detail; and, exhibit great clarity and focus.

    Keep up the good work!