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This is the coolest little plugin I’d never heard of. Last month, released a new plugin for WordPress allows your users to bookmark blog posts at any of about a dozen different social bookmarking services with just one little button.


UPDATE: I’ve temporarily disabled the plugin until I’ve resolved a couple issues…

UPDATE 2: I’ve re-enabled the plugin while I troubleshoot the issues… you may see some weird text at the end of post excerpts… AddThis has been completely unresponsive to my support requests – so I’m trying to figure this out on my own – any help would be appreciated.

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2 Responses to “ WordPress Plugin”

  1. Katzen says:

    How did you this information? Did place, whether you look in the blog more information about this topic before. But unfortunately, nothing found. If you can help me, then I would be very happy about. Best regards

  2. Gary Speer says:

    Hi, I’ve been looking all over the Internet (grin) for some help with the drop-down AddThis plugin. My experience with has been like yours — no response whatsoever.

    My problem is this, would you have any suggestions? I install the plugin-activate it– and nothing happens.

    I’ve tried it with 3 different WP blogs, one v.2.3.1 the other two v.2.3.2 — and I think I’ve probably used half dozen different WP themes. I’ve repeatedly downloaded, installed, activated, uninstalled, reinstalled. No matter what I try (including some copies friends have used successfully and emailed to me) I cannot get ANYTHING to show with the drop-down plugin.

    I CAN get the static plugin code to show up where I code it into the template. But NOTHING I do with the drop-down menu AddThis plugin gets it to work??

    Thanks for any suggestions.