Best. Barbershop. Ever.

Backstory: About ten fifteen years ago when I was doing my flight training in Guelph, I got what was far and away the best haircut of my life. Four barbers, none of whom seemed to speak english very well, and there wasn’t an electric razor in sight. It was straight edges and leather straps. Pretty frickin’ cool when all your used to is your standard run-of-the-mill cheapo unisex hair salon.

1.5 years ago: When I started working in Guelph, I needed a barber in town. But I couldn’t even begin to remember where this awesome barbershop was or even what it was called.

Last week: I was at the Tim Horton’s on Wellington street in downtown-ish Guelph. I looked up (and across the street) and lo-and-behold, there it was. Franco’s Barber Shop.

Monday: I got the second-best haircut of my life at Franco’s. Things have changed little in ten years. My guy used an electric razor, but I’m not so disappointed in that. Basically, this is the best barber shop I’ve ever been to – sorry Sean & Danny. If I still lived in Waterloo, I’d be torn between Sean’s and Franco’s – but since Sean’s is not convenient anymore, Franco’s is the clear winner.

Just in case anyone cares about where I get my haircut. :)

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4 Responses to “Best. Barbershop. Ever.”

  1. min says:

    10 years ago, my foot!! :) you should always be honest with your adoring public…

  2. Cailean says:

    I stand corrected… I’ve made the change above. Always useful to have a resident fact-checker. ;)

  3. Chris says:

    A while back I grew my hair in for a few months planning to get my hairstyle updated at a salon (rather than my usual barber, Lino’s, on Speedvale). I figured I’d get the new style and then resume going to my barber.

    I went to Acqua ( on Wyndham, downtown. They gave me a shoulder massage and offered me a beverage. Then they washed my hair and put a hot towel on my face. After the haircut they rinsed my hair and put fancy products into my hair.

    I was seriously concerned about the cost at this point but was relieved to be charged $23. Only a few bucks more than my barber.

    Sorry, Lino.

  4. Cailean says:

    I’ve been to Lino’s a few times too. He gets the job done, and is conveniently located – but it’ll be Franco’s from now on.