Malawi: Day Three

20120423-DSC_3634I’ve already covered part of this day in my earlier post about my visit to Blantyre Secondary School. The intended itinerary was wiped out by the state funeral and accompanying national holiday for the recently deceased President Bingu wa Mathurika.

20120423-DSC_3708As a result, it was a fairly easy day with a visit to the market in morning. We were advised not to take photos at the market, except within the one fabric seller’s stall from whom we had permission. Later in the day, we had a team briefing and then took some time to organize all of the various donations and supplies we had brought with us. We would be visiting several schools, child-care facilities, hospitals, etc, over the next several days and we had to ensure that our gifts were appropriately distributed among them.

I’ve embedded the slideshow for the Day Three set below, but remember that in order to see the captions for each photo, you’ll need to visit Flickr directly:


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