A local parent whose child uses a wheelchair for mobility shared this image today with the following: “This is a great chart! [My child] is affected by this all the time. Yesterday she was discussing with me how she could get on the bleachers in the gym at school, as she has to sit beside them in her wheelchair, while her friends sit on the bleachers. Her school and school board say they support inclusion, but no one thought to help her on to the bleachers, or to put chairs beside the bleacher so she could have friends sit around her. Something for everyone to think about, and make sure all around you are included.” It’s an important reminder that when it comes to inclusion, close enough isn’t good enough and we have to be proactive rather than reactive to create inclusive learning environments. The infographic and related research can be found here: https://ift.tt/2OL6PHn

from Colin Carmichael: AMDSB Trustee Candidate for NW Huron https://ift.tt/2NpMpPp

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