Discarding the current health curriculum is a mistake.

Discarding the current health curriculum is a mistake. Reintroducing a curriculum that is a generation old will do more harm than good.

Parental opposition to the current curriculum is actually very small. Anecdotally, I understand that virtually zero local families “opted out” of the curriculum when given the opportunity.

I’ve spoken to AMDSB Director of Education Lisa Walsh who tells me that the Board doesn’t even formally track the number of opt outs because it’s “not an issue”. She estimates that less than 1 child per school in the Board opted out of only a handful of lessons.

Discarding the current curriculum deprives our children of important lessons on sexuality, relationships, online safety, anatomy, and perhaps most important: consent.

It is my hope that Ontario’s school boards, including AMDSB, will use any discretion available to them to ensure that as many elements as possible of the current curriculum continue to be taught alongside the 20-year-old curriculum the government is reverting to.

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