First day!!

Our teachers, DECEs, and support staff have been back in the classrooms for the past several days getting ready for a new year of learning! Soon thousands of our students will stream through the doors of their schools.

The key word for this first week of school is “patience”:

  • patience while driving, to ensure everyone’s safety
  • patience with teachers as they get to know their students
  • patience with parents as they send their little ones off – many for the first time
  • patience with administrators as they juggle fluctuating student numbers
  • patience with bus drivers learning new routes
  • patience with our students as they re-adjust to school routines

Back to school is the most stressful and exciting time of the school year for everyone. A well-timed deep breath now and again will help us all get through it.

from Colin Carmichael: AMDSB Trustee Candidate for NW Huron

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