Ottawa River at Night – Part One

20120901_CRC8501I love shooting at night. Some of my favourite photos were taken after the #1 source of light has dropped below the horizon. Our family spent Labour Day weekend at my Dad’s house, less than a kilometre from the Ottawa River. That weekend also happened to be a full moon, which meant that the sky and the surroundings remained quite bright even several hours after the sun had set.

I wasn’t sure what I would get with the full moon – I was fairly sure that really great star trail shots would be out of the question due to all the light being thrown from the moon – but I was hoping for some interesting reflections.

The first night I set out about 9:30 and found a spot along the river:




The last photo here was taken about an hour after the first. I was quite surprised and pleased to have so much blue so late at night. Composition was a struggle because the sky and the water both offered interesting subjects, but I didn’t want the horizon to bisect the frame. In the end I went with the sky for most of the shots. Amazingly, the river was almost as smooth as it appears in these photos. The long exposures (these range from 2 to 4 minutes) smooth out any ripples that might have appeared.

To be continued…

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