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First Cambridge Photowalk – Southworks (updated)

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Ok, it’s probably not the very first photowalk in Cambridge ever, but it is the first of several I will be organizing this year. What is a photowalk, you ask? We’ll get to that in a moment, but first the details for those that need them right now!

When: Sunday, January 29th @ 2pm
Where: Southworks Outlet Mall (64 Grand Avenue South, Cambridge, Ontario N1S 2L8)
(important venue info below, if you plan to participate, please read through.)

UPDATE: Please RSVP here:

Ok, so when and where are covered, let’s talk about what this is all about. A photowalk is simply a group of photographers of all skills and ages gathering together at a specific time and place to go for a walk and take photos. Photowalks not only provide an opportunity to practice the art of photography, but they also provide an informal time for photo enthusiasts to be social – something that doesn’t often happen in workshops and seminars.

I should also note that this isn’t a photography club. There are no dues, no committee, no weekly or monthly meeting. Photowalks are open events with no obligation to join anything.

Most times, photowalks take place in public spaces and there are few, if any, rules or guidelines. This particular photowalk, however, will be a little different in two ways:

  1. It is primarily indoors
  2. It is being held on private property

For this photowalk, we will be the guests of Southworks Outlet Mall. The photowalk has been arranged and approved by the property management with a few conditions:

  1. Photowalk participants will be identified with nametags (I’ll bring a stack of “Hello, My name is” stickers)
  2. Participants are encouraged to share a selection of photos with Southworks for their use after the photowalk.
  3. Participants are asked not to shoot inside individual stores in the mall without checking with the staff first – Southworks Antiques excepted.
  4. Southworks is a place of business – customers come first.

If you are not familiar with Southworks, it is beautiful old foundry restored into a commercial space – including the largest antiques warehouse in Canada.

Things you can expect to shoot:

  • a billion antique knick-knacks in the antique mall (a macro lens might be fun to have!)
  • interesting vintage architectural features throughout the interior
  • even more interesting exterior features (weather permitting)

Update: I made a little video…

Official hashtag is: #swphotowalk