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Another Processing Example

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

I got lots of great feedback on my last post about the processing I do on my photos. In that case, it was an image that I took conisderable artistic license with – much more than usual. I thought I should perhaps share an example that still required considerable processing – but only to return the image to what I saw when I took this photo of Central Presbyterian Church last week.


In this case the lens I used (a borrowed Tokina 11-16mm) caused considerable distortion to the vertical lines because I had to angle the camera up slightly in order to fit the steeple in. You’ll also note how flat the colour is in the original photo compared to the processed version. This was corrected by adjusting the blacks down and the whites up and boosting the contrast (see Lightroom settings on the right – click to enlarge). An adjustment to the white-balance was also necessary.

In most consumer digital cameras, these adjustments are made automatically by the camera as it converts the image into JPG format. Because I shoot in the much larger RAW format, the camera doesn’t make any guesses as to how the finished photo should look. I make those decisions manually in Lightroom as I “develop” each photo. It may sounds tedious to have to “develop” each photo like this, but I quickly becomes a discipline that, in the end, improves my photography.