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Highway 7 Relic

Friday, August 31st, 2012

I’ve always thought that old dilapidated barns are a bit of a photography cliche. In many ways, if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all: a hulk of a building that used to represent a strong work ethic and economic prosperity that now sits idle – waiting for the inevitable end to its existence. There are some parallels there to the human condition – and maybe that’s why we’re drawn to these old relics.

Up to now, I’ve managed to resist the lure of capturing the “broken-down barn” motif through my viewfinder. Inevitably, though, I succombed to the siren-call of a crumbling monster of a barn whose walls resembled the familiar gap-toothed hick farmer stereotype. This particular barn sits on Highway 7 between Guelph and Kitchener. I drive past it two or three times a week – and it always tries to draw me in as I drive by. Yesterday, I let it win.

I was fifteen minutes ahead of schedule for my meeting in Kitchener so I pulled into the drive – grabbed my camera and went for a walk in the overgrown weeds. I spent about ten minutes shooting – trying to get lots of sky and building together. I was very glad for my new 18-70mm lens – this would have been near impossible with my trusty 28-80mm.

Unfortunately, the time of day was less than ideal for shooting a building like this. The sun was too high and too bright meaning that either the sky was over-exposed or the barn was underexposed – or both. Whatever. I took my shots and continued on with my day.

Back home last night, I pulled the shots in Lightroom and immediately discarded most of them for various reasons. I ended up with five images but I wasn’t particularly enamoured with any of them. The composition was nice, but the colour just wasn’t working. I gave up on the images and decided to use them for some experimentation with tinting. It was playtime.

I spent several minutes doing all kinds of crazy things to these photos… and then something clicked. I was suddenly staring at a fairly compelling photograph of a decrepit barn. It was dark and dramatic – the sunny day had given way to a brooding and threatening sky of gold. The shadows had taken on a blue-green hue. I loved it – it spoke to me. It captured exactly what I felt when I looked at the old barn – which is nothing like what I saw when I looked at it.

So here, for posterity, is the Highway 7 Relic. The highway is slated for expansion sometime soon(ish) and I suspect this relic will finally meet its end to make room.




A Tweetup for Canada’s Technology Triangle

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

I’m calling a Tweetup for the Kitchener-Waterloo/Cambridge/Guelph area – otherwise known as Canada’s Technology Triangle.  If you’re on Twitter (or curious) and live in or near the Triangle please join us!

The venue is the Duke & Duchess Pub in north-east Cambridge at Hwy 401 and Townline Rd. Someone might want to bring along a proper website for the D&D!

The date has not yet been set. Please visit ScheduleOnce to let me know which dates you would be available. The date with the most people available wins.

Update: The date has been set. December 9th

See you there!

Update: Apparently Guelph is not officially part of the Technology Triangle – rest assured you are still invited. @designmeme has suggested forming Canada’s Technology Rhombus… we can discuss at the Tweetup. ;)

Best. Barbershop. Ever.

Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

Backstory: About ten fifteen years ago when I was doing my flight training in Guelph, I got what was far and away the best haircut of my life. Four barbers, none of whom seemed to speak english very well, and there wasn’t an electric razor in sight. It was straight edges and leather straps. Pretty frickin’ cool when all your used to is your standard run-of-the-mill cheapo unisex hair salon.

1.5 years ago: When I started working in Guelph, I needed a barber in town. But I couldn’t even begin to remember where this awesome barbershop was or even what it was called.

Last week: I was at the Tim Horton’s on Wellington street in downtown-ish Guelph. I looked up (and across the street) and lo-and-behold, there it was. Franco’s Barber Shop.

Monday: I got the second-best haircut of my life at Franco’s. Things have changed little in ten years. My guy used an electric razor, but I’m not so disappointed in that. Basically, this is the best barber shop I’ve ever been to – sorry Sean & Danny. If I still lived in Waterloo, I’d be torn between Sean’s and Franco’s – but since Sean’s is not convenient anymore, Franco’s is the clear winner.

Just in case anyone cares about where I get my haircut. :)