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Malawi: Day Thirteen

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

20120503-DSC_628920120503-DSC_6300The last of our official stops on the study tour was Zomba Theological College (ZTC) – the seminary for the Church of Central Africa – Presbyterian. It was an important stop for our group because one of our own PCC ministers is currently a professor there on assignment through International Ministries. Rev. Dr. Todd Statham has been in Malawi, with his wife Annika and two children, for just over year.

20120503-DSC_631120120503-DSC_6326We began our day at ZTC with the daily morning worship service in the chapel. Rev. Matt Brough, one of the group members, gave a short sermon on a text from Esther and then, after introductions, it was off to class for all the students. We were given a short talk on the challenges facing theological education in Malawi and then headed off to class ourselves! We split ourselves up among four different classes and I chose to attend Todd’s second-year “History of Christianity” class.

After class, we were treated to a tour of the facilities by three senior students. The tour took much longer than it should have because we struck up so many interesting conversations along the way! Following the tour, the group sat down with Todd and Annika to talk about life as missionaries and the challenges they face.

20120503-DSC_6358After a lunch with the ZTC faculty and staff, our last official visit was complete and there was an audible sigh of relief as we boarded the bus. While we enjoyed the wonderful hospitality of the Malawian people and were honoured to have been greeted so warmly so many times, being representatives of an entire denomination for thirteen straight days is exhausting. We headed north to Liwonde where we would spend one night at a safari camp before heading back to Blantyre to prepare for the trip home.

20120503-DSC_6458We arrived at Bushman’s Baobabs just in the late afternoon and witnessed a gorgeous sunset. As we ate dinner and relaxed afterward we could hear the nearby hippos begin their night of grunting and groaning. They sounded as if they were just metres away, but despite our best efforts in the bright moonlight, we didn’t see any. Seeing hippos would have to wait until tomorrow.